Sunday, July 5, 2009


There have been MANY wonderful benefits to being here in Hawaii. Many of which, I'm sure just about anyone can guess. You also can't discount the wonderful, fresh, clean air and food we have everyday over here, especially as that has benefitted my children immensely. But, one very underestimated benefit has been...craigslist. I forgot how much I miss stuff like this while living in Shanghai! It's been wonderful!!!!

Having had many [originally] used items from even before Brandon was born, we had decided to get rid of many of our heavily weathered items before we left for Shanghai, especially considering that we were not entirely sure IF we would be extending our family by one more child. So, we ended up getting rid of a few of our well used "bigger" items, such as a swing, bouncy chair, and pack-n-play. Also, since many of our boy clothes had gone through the gamut of not only one, but TWO baby boys, we got rid of many of our younger boy clothing...for obvious reasons. hee hee

Needless to say, I have had FABULOUS luck on craigslist over here in Hawaii! AND, much to my surprise, the items I have found have been super clean and in GREAT condition. Although, I'm not sure WHY I'm surprised. I think it's just good timing. Many military families over here move back to the mainland, especially when school is out over the summer. So, YAH for me! ;-)

We have found everything we needed, minus a few miscellaneous items...such as bath sponge, towel, etc. I found REALLY cute bigger items (all matching) and very clean boy onesies and jammies, etc (in the right sizes). I'm so happy about my luck with all this stuff!

In addition to some of the baby items I was looking for, I have found really great outdoor toys for the boys for our stay...for SUPER cheap!! I LOVE it!!

Other things I have missed while living in Shanghai...Costco, used book stores, Blockbuster, Ross, salad bars, and yes, even $.99 stores. Seriously! "They" charge SO MUCH for all that $.99 crap we can get over here. You end up paying $3-$8 for that kind of stuff in China, even though it's all MADE over there - and's ridiculous!! is good and we are sooooooo fortunate -AND GRATEFUL- for this opportunity to stay with my mom and John.

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