Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Times

We are having SUCH a wonderful time here in Hawaii. Our weeks are filled with fun filled choices, such as going to the beach, or zoo, or Sea Life Park, or the library, or the botanical choosing a campsite, or going to the movies, or going to the Aquarium, etc. Then, of course, WHICH beach or WHICH park or WHICH location, is always a hard choice. ;-)

For mommy, the choices can be narrowed down to WHICH book to read or WHO to call on the phone, or WHICH tropical fruit to have with breakfast or WHICH movie to rent for family night. It's absolutely wonderful.

A friend of mine just mentioned how unusual it is for me NOT to have a plan for each day or upcoming week. Nope! No plan! Just choosing when, where and how as each day comes. I even missed a recent doctor's appointment...which is SO unlike me! hahaha It's all good...

My [temporary] OB-GYN here in Hawaii wants me to take my glucose test a whole 12 weeks earlier than when I'm supposed to take it...since I was borderline gestationally diabetic with my first two pregnancies. The likelihood of me encountering the same conclusions is pretty high....and he reasons that we might as well catch it as early as possible.

I've decided to refuse the test this early in the game. I was able to "control" the GD the last two times with diet management. So, I know what it takes to keep the numbers's not fun.

The reasoning behind my refusal of the test is that while I'm here in Hawaii, I have SO many types of food available to me that I don't normally have readily available in China. I LOVE that I'm getting MUCH better nutrition here than when I'm in China. That list includes anything from a glass of orange juice to eating a plethora of fruits to choosing brown rice to accompany my salmon. These kinds of food are wonderful for me and the baby. However, if I'm diagnosed with GD this early, I'll immediately have to cut these foods out of my diet. Fruits or fruit juices spike the well as foods like pasta, rice, etc.

Also in the consideration of refusing this test is that NEITHER of my two boys were exceptionally large. My second weighed less than a pound bigger than my first and my first started out in the 7 lb range. AND this fetus is not measuring unusually large this early as well. So...why would I cut out so many of the foods that I know are doing my body good...just to appease an over cautious doctor?

I don't think so! This trip to Hawaii is about de-stressing and recuperating. My skin feels better, my hair feels softer, my body is getting a more balanced and nutritional diet. Things are good.

NOT taking that disgusting glucose test should be one less stress I have to worry about while I'm over here. Well, in MY opinion, at least. ;-)

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