Monday, June 29, 2009

Speaking of my 2nd ultrasound...

Everything looked “normal” to the doctor…although the baby seemed very inactive to me. “It” was lying face down and not moving at all. The technician kept jiggling the area to persuade the baby to move…with only very little luck. The doctor reminded me that a fetus DOES have periods of rest…but I don’t know. Something about its position, made me nervous. I’m looking forward to the CVS in Hawaii to lay all my doubts to rest…or not. I’m much more nervous this time around…and I don’t like it.

I love my Ob/GYN…she is awesome. She is truly a gold nugget of a find here in Shanghai. She was referred to me by another expat and I feel so lucky to have found her. She is originally Chinese, but studied and received all her credentials in the States. She is married to a westerner as well. Her English is flawless and she doesn’t really have any accent. She is one of those people (Chinese or not) who is very detailed oriented and keeps up with all the latest studies and findings from the States. She then will present these findings as well as give me the views here in China…and often let me decide what I want to do. She is the Chief of the department of an expat hospital and practice and as busy as she is, she never hesitates to stick around and answer question after question I might have…about anything. I really, really like her. Knowing I will have to get my procedure/screening done in Hawaii, she has been very diligent about wanting to know how much experience the doctors in Hawaii have in doing these kinds of procedures. She asks me how I feel about the clinic I chose, how much experience do they have, how often they do them, etc. She seems genuinely concerned about my care, even during this two month break from seeing her. I like that…a lot.

I feel so fortunate about finding TWO really great doctors here in Shanghai. First, my acupuncturist and now my OB. I’m a lucky girl.

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