Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Relief

Finally! The period of nausea is beginning to recede…a bit. It’s as if the “edge” has been taken off and I find that there is a little more time I can go in between meals before I start to feel woozy again. Also, I can walk past some mysterious smell on the street and feel “normal”. These are all good signs.

A good friend of mine just got a car…convertible to be exact. It’s super! However, she wanted to take me for a spin with the top down…and I nearly lost my lunch from the car fumes around us. Add the hot, penetrating sun beating down on us…and you might be amazed how I ever kept my lunch intact. So, I still have my moments.

I was a little concerned how I might be able to hide our secret until we want it truly revealed, in Hawaii. My sister and family will be a buzz of activity…all of which I should look like I can keep up with them. I’m glad the nausea is finally dying down…but one thing that remains constant throughout every pregnancy I have, is the FATIGUE. I find that all I can really do per day is one major activity, usually in the morning, and then I’m pretty much done for the day. I’m hoping my cover won’t be blown by my apparent lack of activity.

However, with that being said, I might not have too much to worry about. I still look unusually fat, instead of a rounded pregnant…even for me. So, with my added girth, maybe nobody will mention my slower mode…and be afraid to mention anything to the contrary.

I’ve gotten used to that over here in China. I get the “usual” comments that state the fact that I’m just plain fat. No surprise there. However, none of my close friends have mentioned anything…and I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s a cultural thing. In fact, one of my Chinese friends just mentioned how it’s “taboo” to say anything first. So, there you go. Allen seems to think that won’t fly with my own family. He’s convinced that my mother will notice. I argue that my mother has seen my weight fluctuate all my life…so I don’t think she’ll think anything different. He begs to differ. Hahaha I guess we will both see pretty soon.

One great turn of events…my weight stayed the same between my first and second ultra sounds…one month apart. Whew! Maybe it’ll slow down even further. Although, I’m convinced I’m gaining it all in my thighs, butt and ankles now.

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