Friday, March 5, 2010



It looks like the consulting gig for my husband is a for sure thing.

Good news...


Now...I'm off to go soak my pound cake in some red wine.

There are several ways people refer to the United States of America. Some say, 'America.' Some say, 'the U.S.' Some Say, 'The States.' I have noticed that my local or asian seaboard friends refer to it as either 'America' or 'the U.S.' My western friends from places other than North America, refer to it as 'The States.' Why do you think that is? Why is there a difference, I wonder? How do YOU refer to it? Me? Well, I say the U.S. most of the time. I've tried to say America...but it always reminds me of some corny movie like "Coming To America" or some film that romanticizes the struggle of coming to the 'Americas.' It just feels weird to say. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE AMERICA...and anyone would if they have lived in China for a couple of years...but it's almost hard to think about saying 'America' an American. Really...what would YOU say if you were talking about our country to someone who isn't American?

I think the term "We'll see..." is interesting. What does that mean exactly...? We'll see...what happens? Like, it's better...or just let life happen or something. When should this ever be anyone's priority? I think, that if you are one person with a single person's responsibilities...well, then, ok. However, if there is ANYONE else that needs to be considered into the equation of your life...well, then, "we'll see..." is just an indulgence of a selfish person. I'm a pretty easy going person myself and while I can certainly appreciate (as my Grandfather used to say) 'letting the world turn a few times', I can't see pinning the 'we'll see' term to important life decisions, if it affects more than just yourself. But, that's just my two cents on the subject.

Why do the English call erasers 'rubbers'? Or should I ask why Americans started calling them erasers and then turned around and termed the condom 'rubbers'? I mean, the founding Fathers of our country were English, right? So, why didn't that stick? Or did they not have erasers back then? Oh, this is interesting...there was an article written here about how the condom manufacturers are 'cutting corners' and not supplying quality rubber for their condoms. Yikes! If those particular condoms are being exported...WATCH OUT!!! I would advise to read the labels!! Once again, if it's made in china...look at other options.

I thought we had decent wine in the States...and we do...decent wine. But, why don't we have GREAT wine? I know that wine making is almost considered a fine art and the climate, etc. needs to be just, why can't we find that in the great mass of land we call America? I mean, there must be SOME valley, somewhere, that could produce a GREAT wine. And those of you who THINK we have great wine in the States...I hate to tell you...we don't really.

I discovered there is a fine line between benefitting from an experience and weighing the cost - and sacrifice - of large amounts of stress it may have caused you.

Have you ever considered calling anyone "dumb as a stump" or "dumb as rocks"? One can only hope that they never truly meet anyone who fits these phrases. It's not pretty...

Dove chocolate really isn't all that bad...pretty good in fact.

It's too bad wine adds so many calories. What a vicious is life sometimes.

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