Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why A New Blog?

Having closed the last chapter of our first year in China, I have decided to embark on this new blog for my next year, living in Shanghai. Why? Because, like the previous blog, I feel that a) other people who happen upon it might gain some insight or comfort from it; b) to give my family and friends updates about our life here in Shanghai and c) it provides me with the necessary avenue to express my [sometimes] overwhelming thoughts and feelings about a particular subject.

My husband wanted to know why I didn’t just include this topic in my previous blog…instead of creating a whole different blog page. Well, because I felt that this topic will consume the better part of this next year for us. It deserves and almost requires a whole new blog address. The challenges we faced in our first year cycled through as we learned the ropes of living here. Now…we are pregnant. And this next year’s challenges will be in a league all of their own!

Had we been trying to have another baby? Well, let’s just say we had been doing nothing to prevent it…leaving our chances in the throes of “fate.” I’ll be honest…the number of months it has taken to conceive has increased steadily and exponentially since the news of our first baby. It has taken more and more months to conceive the older I have become. So, while the idea of waiting until we moved back home was appealing…for me, it wasn’t very realistic. I feel my age more and more with each year that passes and since I am having another baby with my eyes wide open, as to what the job entails, I didn’t want to wait too long.

So, here we are…in China…having a baby. While we are excited to be having our third and final child, one cannot completely ignore the challenges to be faced as an expat in a foreign land, especially while pregnant. However, our friends and family back home shouldn’t worry…there are a billion Chinese who have been born here…so it can obviously be done without too much incident.

To answer a few of your questions…

So…when did we know? April 18th…officially. When is the due date? End of December and will probably be born a Capricorn. Is it a boy or girl? We don’t know…yet. But, we do intend to find out…to the relief of our family and friends, I’m sure. Are we worried? Yes. What about? Lots of things. Are we sure this is the right thing to do in this economy? Doesn’t matter…that’s a moot point. Are we happy? Yes. Are we excited? Some days more than others…and for different reasons. Are we nervous? I am. What about? Several things. Does China have good health care? Decent enough, depending on where you look. Have we found an OB-GYN we like? Yes. Do we have insurance? Yes, finally. Do you know which hospital you’ll be delivering your baby? Yes. Will you have your own room? So I’ve been told. How are you feeling…?

Ahhh, let’s talk about that. For those of you who don’t know me, my first two pregnancies were exactly the same, from beginning to end, in regards to how I felt. I had been sick almost the entirety of both pregnancies with nausea, in addition to all the other wonderful pregnancy traits like, severe fatigue, bloating, etc. However, there are some differences with this one. I’m writing this in my 7th week and I have yet to feel those daily bout(s) of intense nausea I remember feeling, previously. I feel a fraction of the nausea this time, but I feel it consistently, all day long. I have crackers on my nightstand in case I need them, but I have yet to break open a package. That’s weird - for me. However, I HAVE to eat every two hours or the nausea gets worse. I also feel less tired than I remember in the beginning of my last two pregnancies, but I generally feel fatigued all day long as well. I have cravings of salty, tangy, and spicier foods…give me a pickle, or salt and vinegar chips any time. Ketchup tastes a little too sweet to me right now. While I don’t have a craving for chocolate, I have noticed that if I have some…I’ll want more…lots more. Also, this time around, I’m breaking out all over my body with pimples. Every time one goes away, another two pop up somewhere else. And this happens even if I don’t eat the chocolate. ;-) It’s maddening!

The first two times, I wasn’t as “hormonal” as I have heard some pregnant women can be. In fact, I seemed to calm down a lot in both those pregnancies, usually keeping an even keel on my emotions. This time, however, I’m all over the place! I cry at the drop of a hat – no kidding. I cry when I watch American Idol, movies…I cry if I see anything sad on the street…I get sad and nervous when I hear a baby crying for any reason…and you can just forget about me watching Oprah…there is no way. I cry when I’m happy…I cry when I’m tired…I cry for anything now. Ack! I hate it!

And like my last pregnancy, almost immediately, I can’t fit into my normal clothing. I hated that about my 2nd pregnancy and I’m not too keen on it happening again. I feel much more pregnant than I actually am due to bloating that has nothing to do with the size of the baby. It stinks. And I just look and feel really, really fat all of a sudden.

My plans for this blog will be updates about my pregnancy here in China, which may or may not include challenges we face, how I’m feeling, any difficulties, interesting tidbits or any general news. It will also include life here in China for all of us, which isn’t too different from my last blog. But, my primary focus will be on the pregnancy and eventually our life with a newborn…in China.

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