Friday, April 30, 2010

A Sad Day :-(

It was a sad day for me.

Ryan's last day of school at Fortune Kindergarten has come and gone. :-( Ryan's friends from almost day 1, have revolved around his kindergarten class. The school transferred all the same kids from one classroom to another when they all moved up. First, they were all in Pony Class and then they all went to Dolphin Class...together.

That means us mommies have become close friends as well. Most of us know each other through this school. So, it was a sad day for me on Ryan's last day. I don't think Ryan completely understands what his last day meant, even though I tried to explain it to him. I have a feeling, however, that when his temporary brother and sister (friends whose house we live) goes to school next week and he can't go, it will sink in a little deeper for him. was sad for me to collect all of his belongings...all of his school pictures...all of his bedding...all of his hygiene stuff...all of his school work. It was also sad for me to see some of his more recent pictures say the word 'Allen' instead of 'Daddy' from just a few weeks ago. For Brandon as well.

I was sad when I purchased Ryan's cute cakes to share with his classmates one last time. It was sad to watch all the little friends hugging at the end of the day...saying goodbye to their USA friend, one final time. :-(

I had a moment in my day to grab a tea at Coffee Bean, and as I was greeted in the usual happy manner and served my drink with the friendliness I usually receive...and I became sad. I sat down for a moment to enjoy my warm tea and my mood was one of reflection. I smiled as I enjoyed my tea, thinking it truly is still one of the most comfortable places to be here in a Coffee Bean, drinking a delicious hot latte. I will miss 'my' Coffee Bean.

I'm sad that Ryan won't be able to go on some final field trips with his friends. I'm sad that Brandon only has three more days of school left himself.

I'm sad...

:-( :-( :-(

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