Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pregnancy Quirks

I haven't really had the chance to blog about any of the funny pregnancy quirks I've encountered during this pregnancy. In fact, I haven't had too I guess that's good. However, there ARE a couple of them that have thrown me for a loop. haha

I get "hot flashes"...but only on the outer side of my left ankle. What's THAT all about? All of a sudden, it'll feel like I just put my ankle right up against a floor heater. It happens anywhere and everywhere...about 10 times a day. Can anyone explain this to me??

I CRAVE, CRAVE, CRAVE the smell of soap. The stronger, the better. Family and friends see me several times a day sniffing the paper towels I use to dry my hands after I have washed them with soap. I can't get enough! Interestingly...I end up washing my hands all of the time just to get that smell and I STILL have gotten sick every other week during the entire fall season! What's THAT all about?? I also can't wait to get in the shower and sniff my dry soap loofah...just because it has remnant soap on it. WAY too weird...

Food cravings? Nah...not really. Except I have been recently CRAVING Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation and Buffalo Wild Wings. I would kill to get some of that food action right now!

I'm desperately hoping that this baby will be in a "regular" position (face down) and I will get more "normal" abdominal contractions this time...instead of the horrible and extremely painful back labor that I endured the first two times. What a thing to "wish" for...right? I don't really fancy getting an epidural over here, so I'm hoping I can endure labor better with [severe] abdominal contractions, since I know what those MIGHT feel like. But, then again, I'm a total wimp when is comes to pain, so it might all be moot anyway.

I have several people guessing which day the baby might come. What is your guess? So far, both previous pregnancies have been about right on target with the due date. I think it's because I have always been meticulous in giving the doctor the first day of my last, it's kind of like clockwork after that. However, with that being said, you can still count me in that general category of women who WISH for an earlier than expected baby. I delivered some food to Brandon's classroom the other day for his Christmas party. The teacher informed she had a close friend who was also due on Christmas Day this year, but miraculously gave birth the night before our conversation. How. wonderful. for. her. :-/ And here I am, the night before, making and baking a couple of pumpkin pies!! Where is the justice???

I have gotten a few Braxton Hicks over the last couple of weeks. I'm 38 weeks now. One night, in particular, I was ravaged with Braxton Hicks. I knew they weren't the "real" deal. They were uncomfortable just the same though. They were abdominal, so I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that my real contractions will be abdominal too. Interestingly enough...the Braxton Hicks contractions seemed to be directly connected to my injury spot in my back. back hurt like hell as well! Well, I have to say, THAT might be really uncomfortable in the "real" situation...I'll be getting it from both sides! Great...and where's the justice again? hee hee

My most fervent hope and concern is getting to the hospital in time. It'll be the first situation where I have to consider even calling a taxi, much less giving birth in one. Yikes!! The hospital is about 40-45 minutes away...with NO traffic. With traffic, it takes about an hour. If it's rush hour, or it's raining or there is an accident...I can absolutely forget it! I'll be very screwed. So, needless to say, I AM a little worried about that. That's why I'm trying to pay particular attention to my own body from here on out. If it turns out I have a serious case of false labor and go to the hospital in vain...I'll probably check into a hotel very close to the hospital until I give birth. It just makes sense. Don't you agree?

The baby, as usual, is kicking and turning and kicking and fluttering and hiccuping and kicking. He's SO active!!! Which is better than him not I guess I shouldn't complain. But, MAN, it's getting tight in there! I feel...everything he does at this point. haha

I have yet to gain a single pound. Typical for me in pregnancy. In fact, I've lost I'm pretty much back to where I was prior to even getting pregnant. It's a little sad...I know this is my last pregnancy...and my last chance to [easily] lose weight! Ironic, right? 'Cause I know my fat cells are still in there, eagerly anticipating and NEVER forgetting my "usual" diet. Even if I tone my normal diet down a notch or never matters. Those fat cells remember...

Anyway, I think that's about it for an update on my pregnancy. We'll keep everyone posted about his arrival!

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  1. Ohhh, how cute! He is turning, hiccuping and kicking. Awww, I remember what that was like! :) You get to meet him very soon! How exciting!!! I think you should stay in a hotel close to the hospital starting Monday. lol I really hope this one doesn't come fast, so you can make it to the hospital first. I started having contractions the evening before I was scehduled to be induced and thought they were braxton hicks. I was informed when we arrived the next morning that they were contractions and may not have to be induced. So... my point is... go in and make sure and if it isn't time, stay in a hotel close by like you said. :) I will be thinking of you! I hope we can chat before then.

    Love and Hugs,