Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, our friends have headed home. :-( We had a wonderful week, playing all day long and mostly into each night as well. We ended up doing MANY fun activities. The kids were all so amazing...they kept up their enthusiasm most of the time and were usually ready for more the following day. AND, the kids all got along so well. One never knows how a group of kids will fare, especially since they aren't used to hanging out with one another, all of the time. They each had their 'thing' once in to be totally expected...but, in general, they were all so amazing together. Us, moms, sure appreciated THAT throughout the week. My friend's husband joined us halfway through the week and more fun was had by all until they went home.

During their stay, I hadn't really dwelled too much on the going, going, going of it all. I was having fun showing them around and that's all that really mattered at the time. However, I just hit the five month mark in my pregnancy and my body is telling me LOUD and CLEAR that I need to slow down and recover from my exertions. It seemed I was fine...until I actually slowed down. And now, it seems to be taking an extraordinarily long time to recover. Each day, I can barely get up. All day, I feel my body - everywhere. And all the energy I can muster has been to prepare meals for my kids...and only barely, at that. None of this is necessarily a bad thing. My kids seem to have needed a little recovery time too and have been more than content to play arond my mom's house. I can appreciate this do to the fact that we had bought them a few yard items to keep them entertained on days just like these. So, it's all good.

During my friends' stay, we hit many of Oahu's spectacular beaches, including a favorite snorkeling spot called Hanauma Bay. We had a picnic at a botanical garden, hiked a trail along the Friendship Garden, and also threw in "kid" activities, such as bowling, miniature golf, the zoo, etc. We even got to walk to a small island, in which the kids got to discover lots of really cool things, such as crabs, tidepools, seashells, seabirds, nests and eggs. We also attended many fun evening activities such as, a Luau, Duke's and the International Market Place. The kids had so much fun was awesome.

So now...we wait for daddy to come back. We miss him very much. It was so nice to see my friend and her entire family. But, in saying that, it also made us think about our own missing family member - Daddy. As they watched their own friends' daddy play with them, they kept asking about theirs and telling me how much they missed him. All I could say was, "Meeee tooooo."

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